Male Gray Fox

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Male Gray Fox
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(This is a test of a new set-up, to see if my blog phots can be seen by friends in China. Click on the picture, and it should take you to a Flickr page that has all six pictures from this series. Then, on this blog page, click on "Comments" to tell me whether you were able to see them, and leave a message about what you think of the pictures and my foxes.)

One night last week, I was in my yard at about 10:00 at night, getting ready to take a swim. Suddenly, my three cats ran away from some bushes under two tall trees, and out stepped this male fox. The cats came to stand by my side, and we all watched each other. A couple of days later, I came home from church on Sunday, about noon, and saw both foxes on the wall at the back of my yard. While I watched, the male climbed high in an oak tree. Over the next two days, I took over 50 photographs, of which I've chosen six to post here. This morning (Wednesday), I have not seen them yet, but as recently as sundown yesterday, the female was sitting on the back wall. The cats have grown used to them, and ignore the foxes, but I am having a wonderful time watching them. My yard is in suburbia, with other houses all around, and the wildest animals we usually get are birds or opposums. Behind my house is a large parking lot, with bushes around the edge. I suspect the foxes catch mice there, or other small animals and birds. They also seem to have eaten all the fruit from my neighbors' apricot tree. They may be eating figs from a fig tree that I have. But for me, a few figs is a small price to pay for such a good show. How far from the city must you go to see foxes in China?

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